Kammarkollegiet is the oldest public authority in Sweden. It dates back to 1539 when Gustav Vasa established a "chamber" to deal with tax collection and the auditing of public accounts.

Today the Agency is a modern organisation which not only exercises public authority but also operates commercial undertakings. Our tasks cover an extensive area and mainly involve activities that require qualified legal and economic expertise.

The public authority exercised by the Agency applies for instance to the authorisation of interpreters and translators, travel guarantees, exemptions from the testamentary provisions governing foundations, the appointment of those entitled to solemnize marriages within religious denominations, registration of religious denominations and also looking after the Swedish Inheritance Fund's interest and other areas of public interest. The Agency represents the state in certain cases brought before courts of law and is also responsible for collection of debts handed over by other government authorities. 

We also administer the state's internal insurance system and assists authorities with their risk management. The aim of the insurance system is to enable the authorities to take out the policies they either need or are required to have. Risk management is intended to reduce what is known as risk cost.

We manage capital on behalf of organisations linked to the state or the Church of Sweden. The role of the agency in capital administration is to provide a state-run alternative for the public sector in the broad sense. The Agency has no exclusive rights in this respect, except for one or two cases. The relevant authorities or boards may procure corresponding services in the open market.

Kammarkollegiet also offers financial management services to other government authorities. These comprise a number of different services from invoice processing to the secondment of financial managers. Its payroll management service includes wage and salary payments and associated services.