Submitting a claim

If you have an insurance policy and something has happened that your policy covers - for example an injury or emergency medical care - you need to submit a claim in order to receive compensation. Kammarkollegiet reviews all claims and determines if the insured is eligible for compensation, and the amount.

Where can I find the right Claims Form?

You can find the Claims Form you need on the page of the insurance you are covered by. It is important that you fill out the specific form for just your insurance. If you aren't sure what insurance you have, contact your university or your employer for more information.

Things to think about when filling out the Claim Form:

  • If you're a student, your claim form must be signed by your university. This person can be an administrator at the International Office, your advisor, a professor, or someone similar.
  • If you're a state employee, your claim form must be signed by your employer.
  • Always be sure to include original receipts, for example for medical costs.
  • If you've been a victim of an assault or robbery, always include the police report. Submit original receipts for the items that were stolen.

Check the Terms and Conditions of your insurance to see if other documentation is required for specific types of claims.

How do I submit my Claim Form?

Your Claim Form and any additional documentation must be sent to us at Kammarkollegiet through the regular post. Our address is:

SE-651 80 Karlstad

What happens after I've submitted my claim?

You'll receive an email from us that we've received your claim. Your assessor will contact you if they require any further information. If your application was complete when you submitted it, Kammarkollegiet will provide you with a decision within 30 days. This decision will be sent to your email address.


18 April 2018