General terms Government funding for extra security measures (until 2021-06-15)

Is your organisation, faith community or non-profit association vulnerable to violence, intimidation or harassment linked to the premises where your activities are conducted? You may be eligible for financial support to improve your security. Find out whether your organisation is eligible for support in our general terms.

Note! These terms are valid until 2021-06-15

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Valid until: 2021-06-15
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1 General terms and conditions

Please read the information below before you begin filling out the application forms.

1.1 What is the purpose of this programme of government funding?

This government funding is intended to contribute to promoting necessary measures aimed at increasing security for civil society organisations whose activities are affected by fear of intimidation, violence, and harassment.

1.2 Who can apply for government funding of security measures?

  • Religious organisations or communities listed in Section 3 of the Ordinance on Government Grants to Religious Communities (1999:974)

  • Religious communities registered pursuant to the Act on Religious Communities (1998:1593)

  • Non-profit associations

  • Foundations

1.3 For what purposes can government funding be sought?

  • Protection of buildings, premises and other facilities that are exclusively used for the activities of the organisation.

  • Surveillance and guarding of buildings and other facilities referred to in Pont 1, above, in the form of personnel and technical solutions.

1.4 What requirements must organisations applying for funding satisfy?

Registered religious communities, non-profit associations and foundations must satisfy the following requirements:

  • The activities of the organisation must promote human rights and protect democracy.

  • The organisation must be independent and not be operated for profit.

  • The activities of the organisation must respect democratic values, including gender equality, and may not engage in discrimination.

  • In the case of non-profit associations, the association must be democratically structured. This means that the members must have an opportunity to actively influence matters.

  • The organisation must carry on its operations in Sweden.

  • The activities of the organisation must be affected by fear of intimidation, violence and harassment related to skin colour, national or ethnic origin, religious affiliation, sexual preference, transgender identity or expression, or other similar circumstances, or that the work of the organisation in countering racism or similar forms of enmity gives rise to a fear of intimidation, violence and/or harassment.

  • In the case of foundations, they must not be state or local entities, or controlled by a company, or have as their purpose to benefit an individual family or clan.

  • In order to receive government funding, the applicant organisation must not have any overdue debts registered with the Enforcement Authority, or be the subject of litigation or judgments that conflict with the values that underlie this funding. *

  • The organisation must not be in, or expect to face, financial reconstruction, liquidation, or bankruptcy. *

  • The members of the board of directors of, or persons in leadership roles in, the applicant organisation must not act in a manner that conflicts with the values that underlie this funding. *

*This requirement also applies to religious organisations or communities listed in Section 3 of the Ordinance on Government Grants to Religious Communities (1999:974).

1.5 How large a grant can an organisation apply for?

An organisation may be granted governmental grants once per application period. Grants may be awarded to a maximum of SEK 500,000 per organisation and application period. Government grants may be granted once per physical action. A physical action refers to, for example, a specific door or window section that in itself improves the safety of the building.

1.6 Is it possible to receive a grant for operating costs?

Operating costs (such subscription costs) for a measure meant to enhance safety is not covered by the government grant as it is not considered to be a measure enhancing safety pursuant of the Ordinance (2018:1533) on government grants for security enhancement to civil society organisations.

2 Applicants must also agree to comply with the following conditions

For at least four years from the final date on which the funds were disbursed, an organisation receiving funding must use the security measures according to the terms and conditions that applied when the funding was granted. In addition, during the useful life of the measures, the organisation receiving the funding may not transfer the building(s), premises or facilities for which the funding related to anyone who intends to use these for any other purpose or according to any other terms than those terms and conditions that applied when the funding was granted.

If the application relates to measures in buildings, on premises or regarding other facilities that are owned by someone other than the applicant, the funding will be granted only if the owner agrees that during the useful life of the measures, the owner will not charge an increased amount for the use of the building, premises or facilities, as a result of the improvements to the part financed with the funding for the measures taken.

3 If your organisation is granted government funding, these terms and conditions shall also apply

  • An organisation that has been granted government funding shall submit to Kammarkollegiet, no later than on the date specified in the decision, a financial accounting of the funds received and what they have been used for.

  • The recipient of the funding, shall also, if possible, report the results achieved and how the results relate to the purposes for which the funding was granted.

  • An auditor shall audit whether the financial accounting is reliable, and the accounts are accurate. The statement of the auditor shall be annexed to the accounting. If the funding is greater than five Price Basic Amounts for National Insurance, the auditor must be a chartered or approved accountant.

  • The organisation that has been granted the funding, shall, upon the request of Kammarkollegiet, submit the documentation that Kammarkollegiet requires in order to audit the accounting.

3.1 What happens if the financial accounting is not submitted?

If an organisation’s financial accounting has not been received by the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency, or do not meet the requirements as specified in section three (3) of the General Conditions, a new application cannot be granted.

4 What does it mean to be a “democratically structured organisation”?

In order to be granted government funding, the applicant organisation must have a democratic structure. This means that the organisation has individual members who all have an opportunity to influence activities, and that the organisation respects democratic values. In the case of non-profit associations, this means that the association must be led by a board of directors that is nominated and elected by members, and that this board administers the association on behalf of all the members.

In order to be a democratically structured organisation, the activities the organisation conducts must not conflict with democratic values. This means that the organisation should use its efforts to achieve gender equality, and actively oppose all types of discrimination.

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