Processing, control and follow-up of government loans to travel operators for cancelled rebooked trips

You can find out here how the application procedure, processing, control and follow-up of the government loan for travel operators take place.

About our processing of your application

We will start the processing of your application after the application period has expired - on 1 September 2021. We will only deal with applications that have arrived on time.

Before we can make a decision on your application, we must review all applications, in order to determine whether the funds we have been allocated for this undertaking will be sufficient to grant all of the loan amounts applied for.

We will contact the contact person you have entered in the application as soon as we have a decision to announce, or if your company needs to supplement your application. We may request the opinion of an approved or authorised public accountant in the processing phase, if your company supplements the application afterwards. If we request supplementary information, you must send this to us within 14 days.

Debt Instrument

If your company is granted the loan, we establish a debt instrument that should be signed by all authorized signers before the loan will be disbursed.

Refunds to travellers

As soon as your loan has been granted and disbursed, you must repay the liability to travellers within 30 days of the disbursement date of the loan.

Control and follow-up

We will be performing checks to make sure that your company is paying refunds to travellers. As a package travel operator, you must then be able to prove that repayments have been made in respect of those travellers and package trips on which the loan is based.

Repayment of the loan and interest management

Repayment of the loan amount is voluntary until the term of the loan expires, with the exception of the compensation received for receivables from subcontractors associated with the package trips on which the loan is based. Repayment of this compensation must be made to us at Kammarkollegiet after the end of each quarter (no later than 15 days after the end of March, June, September and December) to the extent that compensation has been received during the same period. If repayment is not made for this compensation, it constitutes grounds to terminate the loan.

At the end of each calendar year, accrued interest is added to the loan amount if payment of interest has not been made to us at Kammarkollegiet.

When the term of the loan expires, the principal sum in question must be repaid to us, including current accrued interest.


At the end of each calendar year, we will notify you of your company’s current liability and current accrued interest for the period. If there is a need for notification at any other time of the year, this will be done subject to a request from your company.