Register of idea-based organisations

We will shortly publish the register of idea-based organisations. Once there are approved organisations you will find the register here.

Below, we answer several questions about the register: What is the purpose of the register, which organisations can be registered and what are the requirements for registration? What does transfer of value mean in this context?

Which organisations can be registered?

The following legal requirements must be met for an organisation to be eligible for registration:

  • The organisation must be idea based. An idea-based organisation is a legal entity that solely has a public service purpose. This must be formulated in the statutes, articles of association, an official record or an equivalent document.
  • The organisation can be, for example, a limited company, an economic association, a foundation or a non-profit association. This provision also covers foreign legal entities. It may not be a sole proprietorship.
  • The organisation must be a publicly funded welfare activity, or have the intention of becoming one.
  • The organisation may not be under the legal controlling influence of a state, region or municipality.
  • Many organisations are made up of different local associations – each of these organisations that want to be included in the register must submit their own application.
  • There must also be a provision in the articles of association, statutes or an equivalent document that, in the event of a dissolution, the remaining assets will be handled in a manner that does not violate the legal limit on value transfers. This does not apply to Swedish foundations (stiftelser).

What is the purpose of the register?

The purpose of the register is to:

  • Make idea-based organisations visible and distinguish them from public authorities and private actors,
  • Show that the organisations are idea based and meet set criteria,
  • Be able to identify the organisations by names, corporate identity numbers and contact information.

It is voluntary for idea-based organisations to be included in the register.

The register is not an industry or supplier register

It is not an industry or supplier register, nor is it a place to search and find services and products. In many cases, idea-based organisations are listed in other registers.

What information will be displayed?

This information will be displayed in the register:

  • Name of the organisation
  • Corporate identity number (if one exists)
  • Postal address

What fees does the organisation need to pay?

According to regulations, Kammarkollegiet’s task as well as the register is financed by the organisations comprised in it. That is according to the regulations. Kammarkollegiet has decided that the application fee is SEK 12 000 and the annual supervisory and register maintenance fee is SEK 12 000.

Application fee

In connection with you applying to register your idea-based organisation, you will pay the application fee. The fee is to be paid to Kammarkollegiet’s bankgiro. Information on how to pay will be provided in the confirmation you receive when you complete the online application or in the application form.

Note - Kammarkollegiet cannot begin processing your application until the application fee has been paid.

Supervisory and register maintenance fee

Registered idea-based organisations as well as organisations that have been deregistered five years prior will annually receive an invoice for the supervisory and register maintenance fee.

What does a transfer of value mean?

In order to be included in the register, funds may only be transferred – in a so-called transfer of value – from:

  • one idea-based organisation to another idea-based organisation. When an organisation is to move funds to another organisation, both organisations must be included in Kammarkollegiet’s register.
  • an idea-based organisation to research.

Definition: A transfer of value is a business transaction that decreases the wealth of an idea-based organisation, and that does not have a purely commercial purpose.

Which requirements apply after registration?

  • Every year, the organisation must submit an annual report on value transfers to Kammarkollegiet. A registered idea-based organisation may only make transfers of value to other registered idea-based organisations or to research.
  • If an idea-based organisation is deregistered, after a decision from Kammarkollegiet or if the organisation no longer wants to participate, the organisation must submit its annual report for the following five years.
  • The organisation pays a register maintenance and supervisory fee every year. This also applies to deregistered organisations for five years after deregistration.
  • The organisation must immediately report changes to Kammarkollegiet, such as changes to the statutes, contact person or contact information.

What happens if a registered idea-based organisation does not meet these requirements?

An organisation that does not comply with the legal limits on value transfers or did not notify Kammarkollegiet of changes may be forced to pay a penalty or fine. If Kammarkollegiet suspects that a crime has been committed, a police report will be filed.

New task

Kammarkollegiet has been given the new task of keeping a register of idea-based organisations.

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