Health and parental insurance for doctoral students with stipends

In order to improve the welfare of doctoral students accepted at a Swedish public university and financed with stipends, Kammarkollegiet has added an insurance specifically for this group. Beginning 1 January 2014, the insurance provides compensation for doctoral students who have their stipends reduced during times of absence from studies due to illness or parental leave.

Submitting a claim

If you become ill or will be going on parental leave or temporary parental leave, and are covered by this insurance for doctoral students, you can make a claim by filling out the application form. The form must be signed by you and your institution and then sent by regular mail to Kammarkollegiet. Based on your application, we will make a decision regarding the amount of compensation you will receive. You can find tje complete terms and conditions below.

You can even report your illness, parental leave or temporary parental leave to us at the following email address:

Please submit your application via regular post at the latest the day after your first day of sick leave, parental leave, or withdrawal of temporary parental benefit. Include the following information: university, name, Swedish identity number (personnummer) or date of birth, the reason for your absence and the date of your first day of absence.

Terms and conditions

The Terms and Conditions for this insurance provide detailed information regarding coverage. We recommend that you read up on your student insurance.

What does the insurance cover?

The insurance covers the following three situations:

  • Illness
  • Parental leave
  • Temporary parental leave.

When and where does the insurance policy apply?

This insurance applies when you become ill or go an parental leave during your study period.


There are no deductibles with this insurance.

Older terms and conditions

Terms and conditions - Health and parental insurance for doctoral students with stipends 2014-01-01

Submit claim form

Your Claim Form and any additional documentation must be sent to us at Kammarkollegiet through the regular post. Our address is:

SE-651 80 Karlstad

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