Personal injury insurance for university students in Sweden

As a student at a Swedish university or university college, a personal injury insurance is available that covers your time at school and your journey to and from school. This insurance is free for all students.

Submitting a claim

If you are covered by one of our accident insurances for students and are injured, you can make a claim by filling out our Claim Form – Personal Injury. The form must be signed by you and your institution and then sent by regular mail to Kammarkollegiet. Based on your application, we make a decision regarding the amount of compensation you will receive.

Terms and conditions

The Swedish State´s Insurance for students and Ph. students at Swedish universities entered into force on 14 October 2010. The Terms and Conditions for this insurance provide detailed information regarding coverage. We recommend that you read up on your student insurance.

What does the insurance cover?

Personal injury insurance for students covers costs you may accrue due to an accident. An accident means a bodily injury caused by a sudden, unintentional occurrence involving external force against the body.

When and where does the insurance policy apply?

The insurance provides coverage during school time, which means all the time you spend on the institution’s premises. One exception is if you participate in some form of activity arranged by someone other than your institution. You’re covered when you’re on a placement or at a workplace approved by the school. The insurance does not cover you during your free time; therefore, it’s important to obtain a private accident insurance that provides coverage during the time you aren’t in school.


There is no deductible in the insurance.

Submit claim form

Your Claim Form and any additional documentation must be sent to us at Kammarkollegiet through the regular post. Our address is:

SE-651 80 Karlstad

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