Insurance for personnel stationed abroad (URA)

Are you employed by a state authority with an Agreement on Overseas Contracts and Guidelines for Employment Conditions for Service Abroad (URA) and stationed abroad? In such case your employer can order a URA insurance policy with us.

The URA stands for “overseas contracts and guidelines for employment conditions for service abroad.” The insurance policy can be arranged either as a group insurance policy or as an individual insurance policy for named persons. There is no charge to you for the insurance.

Terms and Conditions of Insurance

The Terms and Conditions of Insurance state exactly what applies and what you can apply for compensation for.

Supplemental property insurance

The URA insurance does not include protection for your private property in the event of theft, loss or damage. For more comprehensive protection, your employer can order a Supplemental Property Insurance.

Submit a claim

  1. Download and fill out the form.
    URA and URA Plus Claim form Pdf, 216.8 kB.
    Your employer will also need to fill out and sign the form.
  2. Send the form by e-mail: or via post:
    SE-651 80 Karlstad

What do I need to do to obtain the URA insurance?

You cannot, as an employee, order the insurance by yourself. Contact your employer and they can order the insurance for you.

Where and when does the insurance coverage apply?

The insurance coverage applies:

  • Throughout the period of URA employment and during the journey to and from the country of secondment. The precondition is that you travel directly and that the journey is made within two weeks before the start of the posting and two weeks after the end of your posting
  • Worldwide; all over the world, including in countries experiencing war.

What does the URA insurance cover?

For example, insurance covers:

  • emergency medical or dental care and repatriation/emergency evacuation to Sweden if necessary.
  • visit trips for three relatives if you suffer a life-threatening illness or life-threatening injury.

The insurance does not cover regular medical check-ups nor medications for illness/conditions that have arisen prior to the travel.

Always read through the Terms and Conditions of Insurance to see what is included and what is not.

What applies for my accompanying family; what cover do they have?

If your family members are included in the agreement with the employer, they are covered by the URA insurance. You can read more about what applies in Terms and Conditions of Insurance.

My family living in Sweden is coming to visit, what applies for them?

If your employer pays for their travel, they will also be covered by the URA insurance during their visit.

Emergency assistance while on the trip

Contact Falck Global Assistance if you find yourself in an emergency situation while abroad and need assistance quickly.

Telephone: +46 8 587 717 49
Fax: +46 8 587 717 62

How do I change the designated beneficiary in the insurance?

For those who are covered by the “Swedish State Business Travel Insurance,” Travel Insurance, URA insurance or UVA insurance, there is a possibility to amend the distribution of the lump sum payment upon death to beneficiaries in the respective insurance via a beneficiary designation.

Learn more about the terms and conditions, and preconditions, of your insurance policy.

Download and fill out the beneficiary decree form and send it in to us via e-mail:

Beneficiary decree form Pdf, 145.7 kB, opens in new window.

For those who are ordering an URA insurance policy for employees who will work abroad through a URA contract

Those who are an authorised administrator at a state authority can order the URA insurance. You may choose to order the URA insurance as a group insurance or as individual insurance policies. Individual insurance policies relate to one or more named persons. Supplemental Property Insurance can be ordered as a supplement to the URA group insurance policy. It can also be ordered as an individual insurance policy for people covered by a group insurance URA or an individual insurance URA. When you want to order Supplemental Property Insurance, you also need to state the amount of insurance coverage.

Individual insurance policies

Individual insurance policies can be ordered by sending an e-mail to:

In the e-mail, state:

  • type of insurance (URA or URA with Supplemental Property Insurance),
  • the names and Swedish Personal ID numbers of those to be insured (the employee and any accompanying family members included in the URA contract),
  • stationing country,
  • insurance period,
  • amount of insurance coverage (for Supplementary property insurance),
  • name and contact details to you as an orderer
  • invoice reference.

Insurance Certificate

Agreement on Stationing Abroad Contracts

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Page last updated: 2023-08-25