FAQ about Detur

We have collected some of the most common questions asked regarding Detur's bankruptcy. You are welcome to contact us if you do not find an answer to your question here.

How do I apply for reimbursement under the Travel Guarantee Act?

You can find the application form and information about what applies when your trip has been canceled on the page Apply for reimbursement under the Travel Guarantee Act. External link.

How many applications should I submit? I have bought several trips.

Submit one application per trip. The person who has paid for the trip must sign the application. It is important that it is clear from the documents, bank statement, who has paid for the trip.

How do we apply if there are several of us who have paid for the trip?

Everyone applies for himself. If you want to send a joint application for the same trip, all travelers over the age of 18 must sign the application.

I have paid for the trip. Is it enough for me to sign the application?

Yes, but it is important that it appears from the documents, e.g. bank statement, that you have paid for the trip.

I have paid in a currency other than SEK. How should I convert the amount to SEK?

On the Swedish Customs Administration's website External link. there is information on how to convert the amount into SEK.
The date you will select when converting is the date of payment for the trip. If several payments have been made on different dates, the amounts must be added. Remember to attach all bank statements if multiple payments have been made.

If you are converting your amount from Euro, select "Euro according to Article 53.1b of the Customs Code 952/2013)"

What documents should I submit?

Submit a completed and signed application form (if you do not submit your application digitally), booking confirmation and bank statement.
Submit documentation showing how the trip was canceled if the application concerns a trip that was canceled before September 23, 2022.

Do I need to submit original documents?

No, it is fine to send in copies.

Where should I send my application?

The form, booking confirmation and account statement are sent to: Kammarkollegiet
Box 2218
103 15 Stockholm
or you can email us at registratur@kammarkollegiet.se

How long do I have to come in with an application?

Apply as soon as possible, but at the latest within three months from when it becomes clear that your trip will not take place.

How is my case going/have you received my application?

If you have submitted your application digitally (if you have mailed in the application), you will receive an automatic confirmation email that your application has been received. We do not send any other confirmation.

If you submitted your application by post, we will not send any confirmation emails. This is due to the large influx of cases. If you have sent in your application by post and want to know your diary number, it is fine to contact us at registratur@kammarkollegiet.se

I have submitted my application for reimbursement. What am I doing now?

We have an estimated processing time of about 4–6 months and will contact you if we are missing something to try your case. When we have processed your case, we will send a decision by post to the address you provided in the application.

Why is it taking so long?

We have received several thousand applications. We ask for your patience and hope for understanding about the situation.

What should I write in the field "which date were you allowed to go home"?

This field should only be filled in if you ended your trip early.

Does the travel guarantee apply if I have a gift card/voucher with the travel company?

No, the travel guarantee does not apply to these. You must instead report your claim to the bankruptcy trustee in you country.

If you have bought your trip from Detur Sweden AB or Norden Travel Services AB you can contact the Swedish bankruptcy trustee via their form External link..
You can find more information about this here External link.

Can I get reimbursement for e.g. long-term parking at the airport and fuel costs?

No. The travel guarantee only covers the cost of the package trip itself, if it is canceled due to bankruptcy or insolvency of the travel company.

Is it guaranteed that I will receive reimbursement?

It is not possible to answer this question until the matter has been investigated. Each application is examined individually based on the conditions laid down in the Travel Guarantee Act.

I have received reimbursement from the bank/credit card company. What do I do with my application at the Kammarkollegiet?

Notify Kammarkollegiet via e-mail to registratur@kammarkollegiet.se that you have received reimbursement and that you want to withdraw your application at Kammarkollegiet.

Page last updated: 2022-11-11