FAQ about reimbursement under the Travel Guarantee Act

This is where you will find answers to questions about when you may be entitled to reimbursement under the travel guarantee.

When should I contact the Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency (Kammarkollegiet) and when should I contact the Swedish Consumer Agency (Konsumentverket)?

We are responsible for two different acts. The Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency is responsible for the Swedish Travel Guarantee Act and the Swedish Consumer Agency for the Swedish Package Travel Act.

You are welcome to contact us at the Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency if your trip is cancelled or interrupted because the travel operator has become insolvent or been declared bankrupt.

If you have questions about a trip which is cancelled because of the corona pandemic or government desicions and recommendations, you should contact the Swedish Consumer Agency.

I want to apply for reimbursement. Where do I find the application form?

You can find the application form and information about what rules apply when your trip has been cancelled at our webpage Apply for compensation under the Travel Guarantee Act.

I have submitted an application to the Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency

What is the status of my case?

We process applications in turn. We work as quickly as we can to process all cases that come in.

A case officer will get in touch if supplementary information is needed. When we have handled your case, we will send a decision by post to the address you provided in the application.

What are the rules when the traveller has cancelled his/her own trip?

You cannot get reimbursement under the travel guarantee if you cancel your trip yourself.

In the event of cancellation, the provisions of the Package Travel Act on refunds apply. The Swedish Consumer Agency is responsible for this Act, and you can find information about your rights on their website, opens in a new window External link, opens in new window.

Is the travel guarantee valid if I have a gift voucher for the travel company?

No, the travel guarantee does not apply to gift vouchers. Think twice before you accept a gift voucher, as it could be worthless if the travel operator were to be declared bankrupt.

You can find more information about what the rules are for gift vouchers at the “Hallå konsument” service, opens in a new window External link, opens in new window.

How much can I get back if my package travel is cancelled because of the travel company’s insolvency/bankruptcy?

The travel guarantee should cover all payments you have made for the package travel.

This does, however, presuppose that the travel company has arranged an adequate travel guarantee.

In cases where the travel company’s travel guarantee does not cover the total amount being claimed by all travellers, we make a percentage allocation between travellers entitled to reimbursement. This means that we distribute the amount that the company has lodged as a guarantee proportionately between all applications.

When do I have to submit an application?

Apply as quickly as possible, but no later than within three months of it having become clear that your trip will not be taking place.

Page last updated: 2022-11-09