Email sent with information about Detur Norway Nuf

In a few days, we will send out an email to you who have traveled with Detur Norway Nuf and who have applied for compensation from the travel guarantee.

It is important that you answer our questions since a decision on the matter otherwise will take more time.

Note! Keep in mind that the email may have ended up in your spam/junk folder.

What do you need to do?

The email contains a link to an email service with our questions. Click on the link to answer the questions. You will need your case number (it starts with 15.6 and you will find it in the email), as well as destination and departure date for the trip you have applied compensation for.

You should not log in with a e-identification (for example bank-ID) or enter your account number in the e-service.

If you have several applications with the same tour operator

If you have applied for compensation for several trips with Detur Norway Nuf, you will receive several emails from us, one for each case. It is important that you answer the questions in each case. You will be asked to state the departure date and destination for each case. If you do not know which of your trips belongs to which case, we can still determine which case your answer refers to based on the departure dates and destinations you specify. The most important thing is that you give an answer for each trip with the tour operator.

What happens when you have answered?

We need your answers within 7 days of receiving our email. After that we will start making decisions. You should receive a decision on your case within a few weeks. The decision will be sent to your home by post to the address you provided in your application for compensation. It is then a so-called guarantor who pays compensation according to our decision. It may take another couple of weeks before your compensation is paid out. If you do not answer our questions, a decision will take more time.


If you have recently received a request for completion from us and have not responded to it, it is very important that you do so immediately, i.e. you must answer both the request and the questions asked in the link.

Page last updated: 2023-05-08