Kammarkollegiet is the oldest public authority in Sweden. It dates back to 1539 when Gustav Vasa established a "chamber" to deal with tax collection and the auditing of public accounts.

Today the Agency is a modern organisation which not only exercises public authority but also operates commercial undertakings. Our tasks cover an extensive area and mainly involve activities that require qualified legal and economic expertise.

Registration of religious communities

Religious communities and organizational units of religious communities have been able to apply for registration at Kammarkollegiet since 1 January 2000.

The right to perform marriage ceremonies

Religious communities can apply to Kammarkollegiet for the right to perform marriage ceremonies.

Travel Guarantees

Anyone who arranges or sells travel arrangements subject to the provisions of the Travel Guarantees Act (1972:204) must lodge a travel guarantee with Kammarkollegiet.


Kammarkollegiet supplies a number of different insurance policies for public authorities. The Agency also deals with claims adjustments.

Debt collecting

Kammarkollegiet is responsible for the collection of debts by order of government authorities.

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