Insurance for foreign visitors

Studying or working in a foreign country can be an exciting experience. But what happens if you become ill or need medical assistance while abroad? What if your mobile or computer is stolen? State insurance coverage can make these difficult situations easier for you.

Only public authorities can order insurance from Kammarkollegiet. We provide them with both group insurance and personal insurance. With a group insurance, this means that the policy covers everyone working at the authority. A personal insurance covers an individual. The public authority must order insurance from us, even personal insurance. This means that we cannot process requests directly from a private person; it must be arranged through the authority.

There are different types of insurance available for authorities to order for their students and employees. If you are a student, you should contact your Swedish university to find out what types of insurance you are covered by. For employees, contact human resources at the authority where you work. You can find out more about the different types of insurance available for students and state employees in this section of the website.

If you’re covered by one of our insurance policies and are met with a loss or injury, you should submit a claim application form to us. We will respond to your application within 30 days, most often via email.

Insurance department

Kammarkollegiet is a public authority and a governmental insurance company.

The insurance department at Kammarkollegiet provides information about the various types of insurance available, sells insurance to other public authorities and works with claim settlement.

When you submit a claim application, we investigate in order to determine if you have a right to compensation and the amount.

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