Insurance for university students in Sweden

Are you a student at a university? Then you are insured during school hours plus while travelling to and from the school. You can read about the insurance and submit a claim here.

Terms and Conditions of Insurance

The Terms and Conditions of Insurance state exactly what applies and what you can apply for compensation for.

Processing time

Right now the processing time for our student insurances is long. That means that it might take about eight weeks before you’ll hear from us after you have sent us your claim form. A claim adjuster will get back to you when it’s your turn.

Submit a claim

  1. Download and fill out the form.
    University students in Sweden Claim form Pdf, 287.5 kB.
    The University will also need to fill out and sign the form. Keep in mind that if you seek compensation for expenses that you have incurred, you will need to submit the receipts.
  2. Send in the filled in and signed form by e-mail: or via post:
    SE-651 80 Karlstad

What does the insurance cover?

The insurance is an accident insurance that applies if you have an accident and suffer a bodily injury.

The insurance coverage applies:

  • During school hours, when you are in the school premises,
    and on the school grounds.
  • When you are on an internship or at a workplace that the school has approved.
  • When you are on your way to or from the school.
  • With remote studies if the accident that occurred is directly related to the educational studies engaged in.

The insurance does not apply:

  • If you participate in an activity organised by some entity other than your school.
  • When you are at the school during your leisure time.
  • If you make a stop on the way to or from the school.

What am I entitled to compensation for?

For example, the insurance can cover medical treatment costs and compensate you for lost of earnings if you are unable to work because of the injury. However, the insurance does not cover property damage. This means that you cannot seek compensation from us if your belongings are accidentally damaged, broken or stolen.


There is no charge for the insurance for those who are studying and applies without a deductible.

Are you going to study abroad?

Then you can be covered by our Student OUT insurance.

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Page last updated: 2023-04-18