Personal data when registering idea-based organisations

According to the Act (2022:900) on Registration of idea-based Organisations, Kammarkollegiet is tasked with registering and supervising idea-based organisations.

The purpose of the registration is to make idea-based organisations within welfare visible and distinguish them from public and commercial actors. The registration includes information about the idea-based organisation and contact details for a contact person who is authorised to represent the organisation in registration-related matters. Among other things, the supervision is intended to verify that the idea-based organisations do not make any transfers of value other than to other registered idea-based organisations or to research. Personal data may also be processed within the framework of these supervisory activities.

The purpose of the processing

The purpose of the personal data processing is to verify that the conditions for registration are met, that the information in the register is correct, and that the provisions on transfers of value are enforced.

Legal basis for the processing

To carry out the assignment, we need to process submitted personal data. The processing is necessary for an important public interest.

Data in Kammarkollegiet’s register

The following personal data is processed about the person reported as a contact person:

  • Name
  • Postal address
  • Swedish personal personal identity number or Swedish coordination number
  • E-mail address
  • In supervisory matters, personal data in the form of names, postal addresses, personal identity/coordination numbers, and e-mail addresses may be processed.

The personal data in Kammarkollegiet’s register is not published on Kammarkollegiet’s website.

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Page last updated: 2024-02-08