Our tasks

Kammarkollegiet, Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency is a state authority under the Ministry of Finance.

With our activities, we contribute to strengthening democracy, increasing transparency within the state and building a sustainable future.

We are approximately 350 employees located in Karlstad and Stockholm.

We are a one-council authority, which means that our Director General has the ultimate responsibility for the activities of the authority.

Ordinance and instructions

Ordinance with instructions at the Riksdag´s website (in Swedish) External link, opens in new window.

Our letter of appropriation 2023 at the ESV´s website (in Swedish) External link, opens in new window.

Government assignments

We have about 35 government assignments and here are some of them:

  • monitor the rights of the Swedish Inheritance Fund
  • authorizes interpreters and translators
  • represents public action in environmental processes
  • insures government operations, students and government employees
  • establishes travel guarantees
  • manages just over SEK 200 billion for more than 400 customers
  • streamlines public administration by concluding framework agreements
  • liquidates estates where the Swedish Inheritance Fund is the heir, manages the fund's funds and proposes which projects will receive support
  • stores and cares for the kingdom's regalia
  • review and approve the travel guarantees that travel operators are obligated to arrange to cover situations where a trip is cancelled or interrupted due to the insolvency of the travel operator.
  • government loans to travel operators that sell package trips
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Page last updated: 2023-01-16