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Government loan for payment of refunds to travellers for cancelled trips that had been rebooked

During the period 2 August to 31 August 2021, you as an organiser or reseller of package holidays have the opportunity to apply for a government loan. The loan is intended to pay refunds to your package travellers for cancelled rebooked trips.


The application period was between 2 and 31 August 2021.

If you have any questions or supplementary information, please contact us at reselan@kammarkollegiet.se

Our processing of applications will begin immediately after the application period has ended, so that the disbursement of authorised loans can begin as early as September 2021.

What is the purpose of the loan?

This travel operator loan is for operators of package trips to be able to repay debts to travellers for cancelled rebooked trips. The loan may not be used for any other purpose than to reimburse passengers for rebooked trips.

For which trips can you apply for a loan?

The loan is based on cancelled rebooked trips where there is an existing debt to the traveller. A rebooked trip must be scheduled to begin in the period from February 2021 to September 2021, but be cancelled before 1 August 2021. The rebooked trip must be linked to a rebooked/postponed original trip that was scheduled to take place during the period from March 2020 to January 2021.

Which documents do you need to attach to the application?

Please note: Please make sure that your documents do not contain sensitive personal data or information of a confidential nature when you are preparing them.

1. A summary of supporting data setting out current liabilities to travellers for rebooked package trips, rebooked trips, that have been cancelled and for which a full refund has not been paid at the time of the application. The data must as a minimum include the following for each booking:

  • Booking number and/or customer number for the rebooked trip
  • Departure date for the original package trip (planned departure date must be in the period 01/03/2020 - 31/01/2021)
  • Booking date for the rebooked trip
  • Departure date for the rebooked trip (planned departure date must be in the period 01/02/2021 - 30/09/2021)
  • Date when the rebooked trip was cancelled (no later than 01/08/2021)
  • Outstanding liability at the time of the application

The supporting data must specify a grand total. We would like to have the data in Excel format. If your company is not able to produce lists from booking systems, financial systems or equivalent, you can use our template and attach it to your application.

Liabilities to travellers, sample template in Excel. Excel, 16.1 kB, opens in new window. (Excel, 16.1 kB)

2. Annual report for 2019 for companies with the calendar year as their financial year (sole traders must attach their 2019 tax return, the NE Annex).

3. Income Statement for the period 01/01/2019-31/12/2019 and Balance Sheet as of 31/12/2019 for companies with a financial year other than the calendar year.

4. Most recently adopted annual report (sole traders must attach their most recent tax return, the NE Annex).

5. Supporting data from the company’s finance system that verifies total payroll costs for 2019, including social security contributions and costs of staff who work for the travel operator but are paid as subcontractors.

6. Decisions on State aid previously received:

  • rental aid in 2020-2021,
  • maritime aid,
  • restructuring aid,
  • aid to guarantee access to air ambulance services,
  • travel operator loan previously granted.

Please note: The authorised company signatory must certify and sign the data in the application using a valid e-ID.

Who is eligible for a loan?

These are three basic criteria for your company to be eligible for the loan:

  • The company arranges package trips and/or is a reseller of package trips for operators with a registered office outside the EEA.
  • The company has not paid full refunds to travellers for cancelled package holidays* relating to rebooked trips.
    • Preconditions for a rebooked trip to be covered by the loan:
      • The original trip should have taken place in the period between 1 March 2020 and 31 January 2021.
      • The rebooked trip (which replaced the original trip) was to take place in the period between 1 February 2021 and 30 September 2021.
      • The rebooked trip has been cancelled before 1 August 2021.
  • The company had provided a travel guarantee at the time of the trips to which the loan relates.

* Find out more about the Swedish Package Travel Act at the Swedish Consumer Agency Link to another website (in Swedish), opens in a new window. External link, opens in new window.

What counts as a package trip?

A package travel lasts at least 24 hours or includes an overnight stay. Furthermore, at least two (2) of the following items must be included:

  • Passenger transport, e.g. by air, train, bus or boat.
  • Accommodation*, e.g. hotels or hostels.
  • Car rental or motorcycle rental requiring a category A driving licence.
  • A tourist service**, e.g. a spa, cookery course or ticket to an event.

A package travel does not always have to consist of transport and accommodation, but may, for example, consist of the following:

  • hotel accommodation with a concert ticket only or
  • flight ticket and car rental only (without accommodation), on the condition that the trip lasts longer than 24 hours.

If you make purchases from multiple travel operators with different websites, this can sometimes count as a package travel if your personal data and payment details are sent from the first website to the second, and you make your bookings within 24 hours.

* If, for example, you take a night train with a sleeping compartment, this is only counted as passenger transport if the purpose of the trip is that you shall simply travel from one place to another. If, on the other hand, the purpose is an experience-based trip, it is counted as both passenger transport and accommodation and is thereby a package travel.

** For example, breakfast or sauna in a hotel would not count as a tourist service but are included as part of the accommodation. A helicopter trip cannot be counted as both transport and tourist service.

More information about what counts as a package travel is available from the Swedish Consumer Agency, opens in a new window External link, opens in new window.

Who is not eligible for a loan?

Your company is not eligible for a loan if:

  • The company was in financial difficulty as of 31 December 2019 and/or had payment demands from the European Commission.
  • The company has gone into liquidation, been declared bankrupt or is undergoing a company restructuring in connection with the date of a decision on this government loan or in connection with your receiving payment of the loan.

Find out more on the Swedish Tax Agency’s website about “Statligt stöd får inte ges till företag i ekonomiska svårigheter" (in Swedish), opens in new window. External link, opens in new window.

Size of the loan

If the company you represent is granted a loan, the maximum amount of the loan may correspond to the liability that your company has to package travellers for cancelled rebooked trips at the time of the application.

When you apply for the loan, you must provide evidence of your debts to travellers.

Possible limitations on the amount borrowed

There are also limitations that we take into account when determining the possible size of loans, which means that the amount of the loan granted may be less than existing traveller debts for the rebooked trips in question:

  • if the amount of the loan applied for, including interest and previous travel operator loans* including interest, exceeds the limit, i.e. the higher of 25% of total turnover for 2019 or double the payroll costs for 2019, the following applies:
    • the excess amount may be a maximum of an additional SEK 18 million.
      • this amount of SEK 18 million is further reduced by certain state aid received by the company during the pandemic.

* By previous travel operator loans, we mean the Regulation (2021:57) on government loans to organisers and resellers of package trips as a consequence of the spread of the Covid-19 disease.

If the funds we can allocate to the loans are not sufficient to meet all loan applications, we will reduce the amount of the loan to the same percentage for all operators.

Read the regulation to find out what the limitations are, see sections 12-13 (in Swedish) External link, opens in new window.

Maximum limit for State aid for companies

There is a maximum limit on what your company may be granted in certain State aid payments linked to the pandemic. This level is currently SEK 18 million and is determined by the European Commission. It relates to the following aid payments:

  • rental aid in 2020-2021,
  • maritime aid,
  • restructuring aid and
  • aid to guarantee access to air ambulance services.

Any part of the travel operator loan that exceeds the limit (higher of 25% of turnover and double the payroll costs for 2019) affects this amount.

Loans that (together with travel operator loans previously granted and interest) are less than the limit do not affect this amount.

If your company applies for a travel operator loan, which together with any travel operator loan previously granted exceeds the limit, the excess part of the loan may affect other certain temporary state aid linked to the pandemic based on the amount of SEK 18 million (non furloughing aid (aid for short-term work)).

Term, interest and repayment

Your company decides for itself whether the loan should have a term of 3 or 6 years. The interest rate on the loan is fixed for the full term of the loan. The interest rate on the loan is 1,01 % per annum, except for loans to large companies, which are charged 2,01 % interest per annum when a term of six years is selected. The interest cannot be paid until the end of the term. At the end of each year, we will notify the company of the accrued interest and current capital liability for the period. If payment of the accrued interest is not made by the company after notification, it will be added to the total capital liability.

The loan must be repaid when the company is repaid for any receivables from subcontractors for the package trips in question. The company itself is responsible for making the repayment. Otherwise, the full amount must be repaid at the end of the term, or earlier as desired by the company itself.

Contact us about the government loan

Do you have questions about the government loan to repay debts to travellers? Contact us by email: reselan@kammarkollegiet.se

Read the regulation

Regulation on government loans for payment of refunds to travellers for cancelled trips that had been rebooked (in Swedish) External link, opens in new window.

Processing, control and follow-up of government loans

Find out what happens after you submit your application.

Private individuals cannot apply for a loan

Private individuals who are waiting for a refund from a travel operator cannot apply for a loan. Nor can private individuals influence the process relating to an individual travel operator by contacting us at Kammarkollegiet.

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