Terms and Conditions Student IN 2018

This insurance can be applied both as a group insurance and as an individual insurance.

Note these Terms and Conditions are valid until 30/06/2021.

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Type of document: Terms and Conditions

Valid: 01/01/2018 - 30/06/2021

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1 Scope, definitions and deductible

1.1 Who does the insurance apply to?

1.1.1 Group insurance

When a university or university college has obtained this insurance as a group insurance, it applies to all exchange students who have been accepted for and are undertaking further education, education as a researcher or internship in Sweden. Exchange student means a student who is studying or undergo internship in Sweden according to a written agreement on exchange or acceptance between the Swedish educational institution and a foreign educational institution.

In this context “accepted” means registered in LADOK or a corresponding system.

The studies or internship in Sweden must give HE credits in the course of education in which the student has been accepted and is taking in his or her home country.

1.1.2 Individual insurance

A university, college or other authority can subscribe to this insurance directly on our website for an individual student or doctoral candidate who is studying or undergo internship in Sweden when this is not done according to a written agreement between the educational institutions according to point 1.1.1.

The insurance order must then state:

– the student’s name and personal ID number or date of birth

– the insurance period and

– the authority, invoice reference and contact person at the authority.

1.2 Where and when does the insurance apply?

The insurance applies during direct travel between the home country and Sweden, during the period of education according to LADOK or a corresponding system, as well as two weeks before the start of study and two weeks after the end of study.

Individual insurance is valid during the agreed insurance period.

The insurance is valid 24 hours a day in the Schengen area if the insured has a Schengen visa issued by a Swedish overseas authority. If the insured does not have a Schengen visa or if the insured has a residence permit in Sweden, the insurance is only valid in Sweden.

The countries that are included in the Schengen area are: Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, The Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary and Austria.

Point 2.4 property cover always only applies in Sweden.

The insurance is also valid during the summer holiday, if the student continues to study at the university or college after the summer holiday.

The insurance is not valid if the insured is in his or her home country and this is due to something other than studies or internship that form part of the studies/internship at the university or college in Sweden.

1.3 Definitions

1.3.1 Emergency medical care

Care for symptoms that arise suddenly during the insurance period and for which the insured must seek medical aid within a few days. Here emergency medical care has the same meaning as the term immediate health care in section 4 of the Health Care Act (1982:763). Examples of emergency medical care include care that is needed for an illness that occurs during a stay in Sweden or where care is needed as quickly as possible, such as with stomach ache or fever.

1.3.2 Emergency dental care

Emergency dental care means that the insured becomes free of pain and infection, that any visible gaps are temporarily filled and that there is one (1) functioning chewing surface. Here emergency dental care has the same meaning as the term immediate dental health care in section 6 of the Dental Health Care Act (1985:125). Visible gap means the complete or partial loss of any of the ten front teeth in the lower or upper jaw.

1.3.3 Base amount

Base amount refers to the base price amount according to chapter 2 section 7 of the Social Insurance Regulations.

1.3.4 The insured

The insured refers to the person who is covered by the insurance cover.

1.3.5 The authority

The authority refers to the authority that subscribed to the insurance.

1.3.6 Accident

Accident refers to a bodily injury caused by an involuntary and sudden event involving external violence to the body. Repetitive strain or overload injuries are not counted as accidents. The same applies to heart attack, cerebral haemorrhage etc., as well as illness caused by bacteria, virus or other infection that did not arise in connection with a sudden and involuntary event involving external violence to the body.

Also considered as accidents are illnesses or injuries caused by bi-logical or chemical substances, if it is probably that someone has intentionally spread the biological or chemical substance for the purpose of causing illness or injury to people. If the illness or injury becomes evident only after the insurance period, an expert medical assessment shall form the basis for decision as to whether the illness or

injury shall be assumed to have been caused to the insured during the insurance period.

1.3.7 Personal property

Personal property refers to property that the insured takes with him or her, borrows from a private individual or buys on the journey for private use.

1.3.8 Cohabitant partner

Here cohabitant partner refers to the same as in the Cohabitation Act (2003:376).

1.3.9 Start of study

The expression start of study refers to the start of term, start of course or date on which the course of study at the educational institution in Sweden begins. Introductory courses, language courses and similar preparatory activities for study that are organised at the Swedish educational institution are included in the teaching period.

1.3.10 End of study

The expression end of study refers to the end of term or of the course, when the teaching or internship period finishes. Examination or trial periods that are directly connected with the study or practice period are included in the teaching period.

1.4 Deductible

The insurance has no excess, with the exception of 2.4 Property cover, where the excess is SEK 1,500 SEK.

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