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Which insurance companies may arrange travel guarantees?

We may approve travel guarantees in the form of insurance from all insurance companies registered in a country which is a member of the OECD. We may also approve this kind of travel guarantee from an insurance company registered in any other country, provided that the requirements for the issuer of the guarantee are sufficient for assuming that the issuer can fulfil its commitments.

What counts as a package trip?

A package trip consists of at least two of the following travel services:

  • Passenger transport, e.g., by plane, train, bus or boat.
  • Accommodation, such as hotels or hostels.
  • Car rental, or motorcycle rental requiring a category A driving licence.
  • A tourist service such as a spa entrance, cooking class, or event ticket. The exception is where a tourist service is an integral part of any of the aforementioned travel services. For example, a helicopter trip cannot be counted as both transport and a tourist service.

Accordingly, a package trip does not necessarily need to include transport, but may consist of only hotel accommodation and a concert ticket for example. A flight and a rental car with no accommodation also counts as a package trip if it lasts longer than 24 hours.

Even if a person buys from organisers through different websites, it can sometimes count as a package trip. This would apply if the traveller's personal data and payment details are sent from the first website to the second, and that the bookings are made within 24 hours of each other.

What counts as a linked travel arrangement?

Linked travel arrangements are when customers are offered several travel services they can purchase from different companies with separate agreements, provided that the first company in some way facilitates the extra purchases.

An example would be a traveller who has booked a flight and receives a link to a car hire company or an offer to book hotel accommodation in connection with the purchase. If the traveller buys the other travel service within 24 hours, it is counted as a linked travel arrangement.

In such cases, it is the first travel operator—the one who facilitates the other purchases—who is liable for organising travel guarantees for its part of the arrangement.

Are trips purchased by companies counted as package trips?

Under the Swedish Travel Guarantee Act, reservations are counted as package trips even when the traveller is a business owner or employer. An exception is if a general agreement has been made for organising business trips prior to the journey, in which case the reservation is not subject to guarantees.

Do foreign organisers need to arrange travel guarantees?

Operators outside the EEA who market their services towards Sweden must arrange travel guarantees in Sweden according to the legislation.

Foreign organisers established in the EEA must arrange travel guarantees in the country in which they are established. Guarantees must cover the entire travel operation that is subject to guarantees.

How do I get the guarantee back?

If your travel operation is no longer subject to guarantees, you may contact us to have the guarantee returned. Use the contact details below.

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Page last updated: 2024-01-10