Register your travel operation

Do you arrange or sell package trips or linked travel arrangements? Then you must register your operation and submit a budget at least once a year or whenever the details change so that we can calculate the travel guarantee that you need to arrange.

All documents should be printed and signed before they are sent to us. Proceed as follows:

1. Fill in the registration form

2. Submit a budget

Your budget determines the size of your travel guarantee.

3. Confirm your terms of payment stated in the budget

We need to know when your costumers shall pay compared to when their travel is scheduled.

If the terms of payment are available on your web page, kindly refer to them under the section "Additional comments" in the Registration form.

If you don't have the terms of payment available on a web page, then kindly attach copies of documents where the terms are mentioned. It can be e.g. old invoices or travel agreements.

If it is the first time that you register your travel operation with Kammarkollegiet, you can proceed to step 5.

4. Have you registered your operations with us before?

Then you also need to complete a budget review. This will help us to assess the results compared with previous budgets and guarantees. If the budget review shows that your travel guarantee has not been sufficient during the previous year, the Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency can impose a sanction fee.

5. Signature

All forms must be printed and signed by an authorised representative before they are submitted.

The size of the guarantee you must have each month is based on the details you provide, so it is important that the information you send to us is as accurate as possible.

You can submit the completed forms and attachments by post to:

Offentligrättsliga enheten
Box 2218
103 15 Stockholm

You can also scan the completed forms and attachments and submit them by e-mail:

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Page last updated: 2024-02-22