Information about travel guarantees

Everyone who sells or offers travel arrangements must have a travel guarantee if the trips are subject to guarantees under the Travel Guarantee Act. The purpose of this Act is to protect travellers in the event of the travel agent becoming insolvent.

The travel guarantee should cover all advance payments made by travellers, such as registration fees and final payments. It should also cover other services included in the agreement with the traveller and, in some cases, expenses for home transportation. The purpose of the travel guarantee is that your travellers should not lose any money if their trip is cancelled or ends prematurely.

The size of the travel guarantee is calculated on an individual basis. It should be sufficiently large that it can compensate your customers’ financial losses if the trip has to be cancelled or stopped.

You must have a guarantee that is valid indefinitely. Exemption can be made regarding travel guarantees in form of insurance policy. If the guarantee with the indefinite validity period is not sufficient during your high season, it must be supplemented with one or more temporary guarantees.

Factors affecting the calculation

  • Number of travellers per month.
  • The cost of the arrangements.
  • The amount that travellers have paid in advance in fees and cancellation insurance.
  • When the advance payment is expected.
  • The length of time before departure that final payment must be made.
  • Standard cost for home transportation.

We increase the sum of the items by ten percent in order to cover any potential increase in the number of travellers or the costs in relation to your budgeted amount. The sum is rounded to an even amount. The minimum amount that can be arranged for travel guarantees is 50,000 SEK.


There are some exceptions to the obligation to arrange travel guarantees. If you meet any of these requirements, it is not necessary to arrange travel guarantee for the trips, however you still need to report your operation to us:

  • The trip is less than 24 hours long and does not include an overnight stay.
  • The trip is arranged on a non-profit basis and is a one-off arrangement and for a limited group of travellers.
  • The trip is purchased by a trader and is based on a contract for arranging business trips.

Issuing travel guarantees

Travel guarantees can be arranged in various ways, such as:

  • A payment commitment from a bank, an insurance company or a credit market company.
  • A policy from an insurance company.
  • Funds deposited with a bank or with us.
  • Other similar commitments.

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