Authorisation of Interpreters and Translators in Sweden

Our authorisation assignment is based on society’s need for skilled interpreters and translators who work every day to ensure that information in written documents and discussions is conveyed correctly.

We test and approve the skills levels of interpreters and translators by means of a test or based on their foreign professional qualifications. We also assess their suitability for the profession.

We conduct authorisation tests for interpreters in about 50 languages. For interpreters, the tests are held at two levels: authorised interpreters and authorised interpreters with special expertise as legal interpreters and healthcare interpreters. Authorisation tests for translators are held in about 30 languages to or from Swedish.

We use language experts and specialists to check whether interpreters or translators have what is required, know their subject fields and have a high level of mastery of their languages.

We maintain oversight of authorised interpreters and translators.

We also maintain a national register of authorised and trained interpreters and a register of authorised translators. The details published in our register of interpreters are also available to the Kammarkollegiet, Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency’s procurement service for interpreting services (the interpreter portal) so that those using the services of interpreters can check their expertise.

We also issue interpreting and translating regulations, regulations concerning the register of qualified interpreters, and also advice concerning good interpreting and translating practice.

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Page last updated: 2024-02-22